MAsT: Indy Dec. 14 presentation by Master Stephen

INDIANAPOLIS – Please join MAsT:Indianapolis on December 14th, 2012 from 8-10p at the 501 Eagle Indianapolis as Master Stephen (Great Lakes Master 2005) presents his seminar “The Path of Mastery”.

The Path of Mastery
There are many possible activities that one can associate with Mastery (giving orders, receiving service, flogging, bondage, physical intimidation, will-imposition , etc.), but very little formal discussion is given towards “what does a Master ~do~?”
An individual doesn’t need to like ropes, or be sadistic, or even be a dominant to be a Master, although those skill-sets are certainly in the toy-box of many in our Master community. The kink-component of our lifestyle adds fun to our role, but can (and often does) obscure and overwhelm a subtle but fulfilling aspect of a Master’s life.

In this seminar, we will not walk the path of sadomasochism, or restraint, or even the road of dominance. Leave your talk of toys, sex, and service at the door, and come prepared to travel down a path many of us have not considered as a separate option in its own right: the Path of Mastery.

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Master Stephen started tying up the girl-next-door (actually she was across the street) in 1976, although it took nearly twenty-five years for him to realize that there was a greater community that not only condoned, but actively encouraged such behavior. His bondage-top ways progressed into sadism by the late 80’s, but by 1995 he found his true calling as a ‘spiritual dominant’ and never looked back. Since then he has had the great honor of guiding a select few wonderful individuals, all of whom still own his heart as deeply as he ever owned them.

As a career academic, he feels compelled to both share and learn… and although his formal training is in Physics, his passions include history, ancient languages, cognitive development, and game design. He was awarded the title of Great Lakes Master in 2005, currently holds the position of MAsT senior representative for the Great Lakes region, and has been appointed the Great Lakes liaison to South Plains.

MAsT: Indianapolis is a pansexual chapter of MAsT: International whose mission is to support, directly and indirectly, those of all genders and all sexual orientations living, or seeking to live, in a Power Exchange relationship. For more information contact the Director via

Masters And slaves Together International (“MAsT”) is an association of individuals interested in engaging in personal relationships that are based upon the conscious exchange of power and authority. MAsT believes that such relationships can be a valid path to authenticity, self-actualization, and happiness for such individuals, and MAsT is therefore dedicated to equipping them with tools and resources that will assist them in developing relationships that are healthy, functional, and real. Through the sanctioning of local chapters that meet on a regular basis, MAsT provides social and support opportunities for its members and fosters the beneficial exchange of lifestyle knowledge and experience. MAsT is committed to demystifying M/s, D/s, and other power exchange relationships for those in the leather/fetish/BDSM community and, on a greater level, to correcting the misinformation and combating the denigration that often occurs in our larger societies with respect to such relationships.

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