MAsT: Indianapolis: Puppy Play Discussion

INDIANAPOLIS – The quoted text below was written in part for the Puppy 101 class at International Puppy Tampa 2012 by Christopher “Tyger”/”Woof” Roth. Some information has been taken from Informed Content, Animal Roleplay Wiki and

Come join MAsT: Indianapolis and learn what puppy play is all about!

Curious about puppy play?

“Ever have someone come up to you at a bar or event and ask you what puppy is all about? How many have or ever had a cat or dog as a pet? How many times have you come home from a stressed day and think what a wonderful life they have? Someone to pet, feed, play with them. They are happy, mostly carefree (unless you don’t get them the treat when they want it or you aren’t awake when they want you to be).”

This month we will be talking about puppy play and what it means to be a lifestyle pup.

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