MAsT: Indianapolis Informational Meeting Rescheduled

MAsT Greater ChciagoINDIANAPOLIS – The MAsT: Indianapolis meeting is officially rescheduled and on. Event link is here:

It took a bit of deliberation. The rest of the month is pretty jam packed with stuff already, and I made every attempt to keep it on a weekend afternoon and to not overlap with anything else happening.

The best time for March it looks like was the weekend of the leather contests at the 501, and even then you have KISS and the leather contests among other things. I hope the time will work for many of you. I scheduled it pre-KISS on Sunday at 1pm March 22nd at Mo’Joe’s coffee again.

If you can’t make it out of course we will meet again in April and you would still be welcome to come. 😉

The intention for the meeting again is to give more information about what MAsT is, to hear from the community about what they would like to gain from having MAsT active in the Indianapolis area again, to talk about some organizational details that need to be nailed out (i.e. how we want the group to look and operate) as well as decide on a topic and meeting place for April.

Please come out and join us!