MAsT: Greater Chicago Meeting, Aug 3rd

CHICAGO – August’s meeting will be about BDSM in your M/s-D/s relationship. Do you incorporate S/m, bondage or other activities into your dynamic? How do you use it enhance your relationship? Have those activities changed in the context of the relationship? We’ll explore these questions and others in what should be a fun discussion.

MAsT: Greater Chicago is dedicated to helping adults who identify as being involved in an M/s or Power Exchange relationships (past or present) or those who are curious about the M/s or Power Exchange dynamic. We welcome those who seek to enrich their M/s or D/s dynamic and we hope to be able to serve as a source of support. We welcome all identifications and orientations.

NOTE: Based on feedback, we are going with the BDSM in your M/s-D/s topic for August. We will do the Spirituality topic in October or Jan 2015.

DATE: Sunday August 3rd at 4pm.

TIME: 4pm – 6pm

To RSVP please email for address.