Mast Greater Chicago March Meeting – March 18

BlackBEAT – FetLife

The event page is up, please RSVP

This month marks our One Year Anniversary and we will have cake! Mistress Thia’s Famous Rum Cake at that!

As we look toward another year please take some time and think about topics or subjects you’d like to talk about, maybe areas you’re struggling with or something you’ve worked through in your own M/s relationship and you have wisdom to share 🙂

We’ve had some good discussions this year so let’s keep the momentum going. (Seriously write it down, we can throw it in a hat and pick one out, or you don’t get any cake!)

Our topic this month will be CONSENT, it seems to be a hot topic these days within the BDSM community, but when you strip away the S&M and focus on the M/s relationship dynamic how does consent come into play? Does it?

When you are living together or involved in a 24/7 relationship do the “D” types make decisions without the consent of the “s” types? Do you have areas that are off limits?

Let’s Talk about it!

Please remember that MAsT: Greater Chicago is open to those 18 years of age and older who identify as being involved in a M/s dynamic (whether or not you’re in a relationship), or involved in D/s dynamic with an eye to moving towards a M/s dynamic.