MAsT: Davenport – November Meeting, Nov. 6

DAVENPORT, Iowa – It’s very rare for individuals involved in a M/s or D/s relationship to live 24/7 without some sort of intrusion from work, family, school, or a variety of other real life obligations. So, it’s inevitable that almost everyone, at some point in time, will need to learn to make transitions in their headspace from their role in a M/s or D/s relationship, to an outside role pressed upon us by the everyday world.

Maybe you’re a boss/owner in the workplace, but a slave outside of that in your personal life – how do you go about changing in the very different headspace those roles demand? Perhaps your job requires you to be a subordinate, but in all reality you struggle in the transition from owning a consensual erotic slave out side of work.

Parents face a similar struggle, how to balance the needs of a child, and the headspace necessary for parenting, with their nature in a D/s relationship. Raising a child is nothing like training a submissive, or serving a Domme, so changes in headspace are a much needed skill to acquire.

Perhaps you just struggle with finding your Dominant or submissive mindset. Some of us are “on all the time” but that’s a pretty rare condition for the average Dominant or submissive. How (for instance) do we transition from a sink full of dishes to the necessary mindset for a fulfilling M/s – D/s style relationship?

Join MAsT: Davenport for a group discussion on Transitions in D/s Headspace (facilitated by Chapter Organizer Michael Samadhi)

Friday, November 06, 2015 · 7:00 PM –10:00 PM
MAsT: Davenport November Discussion
Switching Gears – Transitions in D/s Headspace

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