MAsT: Davenport December Meeting

DAVENPORT, Iowa – Whether it’s a dominant with a “harem” of slaves at their beck and call, or perhaps a submissive serving at the mercy of a special group of dominants, or some other sort of poly-permutation entirely, the place where D/s and M/s meet polyamory is a potent intersection for both fantasies and fears.

While it’s a meeting of worlds that are rife for fantasy fulfillment, the intersection of M/s and multiple relationships is also a land full of potential minefields filled with fears and foibles.

Join MAsT: Davenport for our December meeting with our usual dinner and discussion format – Mastering Many / Serving a Select FewThe Intersection of M/s and Polyamory – where we will discuss all things poly (as best we can) as they relate to (and intersect with) the worlds of M/s and D/s.

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