MAsT Cincinnati/ORV Meeting – Honorifics, Protocol, Service

CINCINATTI – At this past Fridays MAsT meeting one of the questions was the issue raised was the idea of what about things that MAsT people do that the rest of us don’t.  Well one of those things is the lost art of most rituals and protocols of service and demeanor.  On the very next night while a group of us was on our way back from the Louisville Munch we got to talking about the very same thing.  No, I did not raise the subject, someone else did.  Yep, here comes that trend thing again.

What we are going to do is use the MAsT meeting to discuss and implement a more protocol laden structure that will most certainly help those who are headed toward a M/s relationship while it improves the general climate in the local lifestyle.

These discussions will include things like submissive positions, the use of honorifics in lifestyle and everyday life, the use of appropriate body language, the proper way to serve and receive service, a list of ideas for everyday service where both dominate and submissive people can practice what they have learned in real life settings.

It will include speech restrictions and limitations, proper and appropriate conversational techniques, appropriate positioning to your partner in work, social, family, and personal opportunities,  eye contact restrictions, and other forms of communication skill sets.

While much of this is toward the potential of an M/s relationship, this is one of those group settings where you can take it or leave it in your own life. We will simply strive to expose you to it and allow you the buy in to the level you feel is right for yourself.

In addition PEER hosts a high protocol SIG dinner group and many may want to consider joining this group, or others may just enjoy some more refinement in their life’s.

Come out and join us for a great time.

The next MAsT Open ORV meeting is going to be on Friday September 7, 2012 at 7:00 PM and run till between 10 and 11:00PM

As with all PEER SIG’s there will be no cost to attend for members or non members other than to bring a snack to share or make a donation of $5.00. As alway PEER provides all your beverages. Maybe you will get a practical opportunity to serve or be served your own snack?

For more information or to RSVP go to the following link:

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