March SMART Beginnings: Open Relationship Roundtable

CLEVELAND — Come join LeeLee and Iroh, as we lead a discussion on just about anything relating to open relationships, polyamory, play poly, nonsexual poly, nonmonogamy, poly/mono, etc. on Saturday, March 18th at 10PM(right after the main presentation). We are happy to have been asked back to facilitate a discussion on this topic for SMART Beginnings once again.



As we look around our world, we see many relationship structures that differ from traditional ones. Navigating any relationship can have its share of challenges, and open relationships are no different…it can even be difficult for unattached folks just wondering how to interact with the participants of something established in regards to play, dating, and even just friendship. This discussion is open to ALL that have an interest in these topics, and is intended to answer questions/share experiences/give support for those that are brand new, as well as a being a space to discuss topics of interest to those familiar with this relationship style. Anonymous index cards will be provided to capture your individual question/topic. These are submitted, selected, and put up for group discussion for the purpose of gaining a new perspective on these submissions.