March Events with Michigan Submissives Munch

ALLEN PARK, Mich. – The Michigan Submissives Munch has announced their events for March.

BDSM Communication with BuckyKatt99 on March 3, 2014. City Coffeehouse 6623 Allen Road Allen Park, Michigan   @ map

BDSM COMMUNICATIONS with Buckykatt99 New to the scene and not sure how to find people with similar interests? Unsure about how to approach people at an event or how to negotiate a scene? We’ll go over the basics of communicating within the BDSM scene, proper ways to make contact with people, and tips on better scene negotiation. This is NOT a class in how to pick up people; rather it focuses on how to be cordial, polite, and safe when interacting with people both online and in person.

This munch is opened to ALL submissives, slaves, bottoms and switches or however you identify on that side of the fence. If you are a switch you must be wearing your submissive hat and leave your ‘top’ hat at home. This includes males, females, bois, gurls or any other gender specific group that you identify with.

“ You’re grounded: Keeping your energy where it should be” with Silverwolf173 on March 8, 2014.

All welcome at this event. This is our weekend event for the first quarter

Have you ever walked into a dungeon and felt a creepy vibe from a scene or from someone in particular? Or felt a surge from just watching a scene that you are not participating in? Or gone so far into _____ (fill in the blank) space that you dropped hard for the next day or two? These are all examples of you being affected by the energy around you.

What this class will help you with is recognizing when you are being affected by someone else’s energy and what you can do about it. We will be talking about how people and places can affect you energetically and how your energy could be affecting them. And we will talk about basic grounding, shielding, and centering techniques that can help you alleviate energy overload, and energy drain, and enhance your play experience.

Silverwolf is a nationally certified and licensed massage therapist and is an energy healer. He has been aware of the energy around him and the emotions of others since he was a child and he has been playing with that energy and learning about his abilities for over 20 years. He is involved in the local kink, pagan, vampire, and energy worker communities and had taught classes on meditation and basic energy techniques at local pagan conventions and at a few local groups.