Make Your Voice Heard in Bloomington, Ind.

Reprinted with permission from Indiana BDSM

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Doug Wilson is coming to IU Bloomington to do a series of lectures. These are some of his views:
-Old South slavery was “a life of plenty”.
-Adultery should, in certain circumstances, be punished by execution.
-Woman “was created to be dependent and responsive to a man,”
-If a woman is raped, the rapist should pay the father a bride price and then, if the father approves, marry his victim.
-Homosexuals are “sodomites” and “people with foul sexual habits.”

If you disagree with any of these, you can let him know in person on April 13th!

The people of Bloomington will be making their voices heard, and it would be great to have representation from the kink community. Hope to see you there!