Madison First Friday, March 1

MADISON, Wisc. – If you are just starting your adventures or it’s a regular stop, come out to First Friday and meet a bunch of fun people!

Madison First Friday is not actually a “group” and it sure as hell isn’t an “organization”! 🙂 It is, however, the expression of an idea. Get a bunch of kinksters together, in a sociable place, once a month and …. talk??? Well, er, yeah. Strange as it sounds, it seems to work. Madison First Friday is nothing but a gathering. A meeting. On (of all days) the First Friday of each month. EVERY month. (Yes, I know, the name is such a huge coincidence. Freaky.).

We are a regular, monthly get-together of bdsm, scene and kink friendly folks for socialization, networking, discussion and what-not in a warm, friendly, inviting, vanilla environment. Very easy to fit in, so perfect for beginners, and a lot of fun for the more experienced; a chance to connect, re-connect and socialize. Meetings are VERY casual; no name tags, no speakers, no demos, no agenda. We average around 50-80 attendees a month and feature LOTS of excellent free conversation. These days you can’t beat free.

If you have any questions about coming to First Friday or the I LOVE IT IN THE CAN food drive please feel free to message spagirl.

See you there!

Date & Time: Friday, March 01, 2013 · 7:00 PM –11:00 PM
Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel Madison
3841 East Washington Avenue                      @ map
Cost: Free
Dress code: Vanilla