LRA Training: Basic Whip Play with The Enigma

LRA, LRA-ChicagoCHICAGO – Following on from his general introduction to impact play, the LRA is happy to have a specialized class dedicated to Whips!
December 5th: Doors open at 7:00 for class start at 7:30

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All LRA training classes are open to non-members. As a non-member to attend you’ll need to be 19 or older & have government-issued photo ID with you to attend. You will be welcomed to stay and play after the training.

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Come join us on Saturday, December 5th as The_Enigma shares information on and demonstrates one of his favorite implements… the whip!

The class and demo will be primarily focused on single tail whips. The main focus will be on whip skills useful for scene play with a bottom… but he promises not to deny you at least a small portion of the class to sport cracking!

Items covered during class:

  • Whip terminology. The differences between various single tail whips. The different characteristics of a snake whip, bull whip and signal whip. What plaits, falls, crackers and belly mean.
  • How to purchase a whip. Things to consider in terms of whip care, durability, required maintenance and storage. He will share good places to start when purchasing your first whip.
  • General whip safety, practice techniques, and how get started towards your first whip scene.

There will be live demonstration on various levels of whip play with instruction on technique and safety.

The_Enigma will have with him a few demo bottoms that he knows will be ok with different levels of whip intensity for demonstration. However, he will also be looking for audience volunteers who have never experienced a whip.

Come on out for a cracking good time!

About The_Enigma

A member of both LRA and GD2, The_Enigma entered the scene several years ago. Early on he had experiences in a variety of roles in the scene before finding his natural energy and place as a Sadistic Dominant Top. His love and passion for impact play was immediate. Over the years that enthusiasm and enjoyment has only grown and blossomed.

He has spent the last several years honing his skills with the whip. Many hours of practice, the generous help and mentorship of local whip throwers combined with countless whip scenes have helped to make The_Enigma a proficient player with the whip. He looks forward to sharing that knowledge and enthusiasm.

When you arrive we ask is that you sign our standard guest waiver, have government issued photo identification, to prove that you are over 19 years of age, and that you respect the fact that the LRA is an alcohol and drug free space and that no alcohol or drugs may be brought into the space or ingested at the LRA.

The event will be held at a private social club for like minded individuals who are dedicated to the celebration of alternative lifestyles, welcoming people of all genders and orientations.

The Club reserves the right to deny any individual admission at our sole discretion.

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