LRA Has a New Dungeon

LRA_Logo_frontCHICAGO – Yes, it’s true!  After almost six months of intense searching, the Board of Directors is pleased to announce that a lease has been signed for a new dungeon space.  The Site Committee investigated well over one hundred possible locations and visited about a third of them before bringing a recommendation to the Board.

Several questions will be on everyone’s lips immediately: “Where is it?” “When will the dungeon reopen?”  “Bathrooms and a/c?”  This new “Rose on Clark” is about 20 blocks south of the old location and easily accessible from LSD and public transportation.  It has two bathrooms (one with a shower), heating, and air conditioning.  After the landlord finishes a couple of weeks of build-out, we will hold an open house at the unfinished space so members can add to the wish list.  Then, work will begin on making the space look and feel like The Rose again.  We will open with regular hours as soon as our build-out concludes and equipment can be moved back into place.

Person-power is definitely needed!  There is a lot to be done — flooring to be laid, paint to go on, partitions to be constructed, some electrical runs to be made, equipment to be moved from storage into the space.  Please volunteer to help!  The sooner it is done, the sooner the doors reopen — it is just that simple.  Send an email to  Identify yourself, leave a form of contact (phone, email, or Fet name), and let us know your availability (primarily on weekends or in the evening, although daytime work can also be done, of course) and any specialized skills you may possess which could help.

Thank you, everyone, for being so patient while this search moved forward.  And send special thanks to the members of the Site Committee:  LadyMJ, ginny81265, Rubber-Lynn, and wildwinde.  The “Angels” who put up the funds required for initial expenses and the build-out remain anonymous, but we are grateful to them for their willingness to step forward financially.

Now, let’s move forward with this next chapter in the history of Chicago’s oldest pansexual, Leather/kink club!

LRA Chicago