LRA-Chicago Rope Intensive, July 8

CHICAGO — Come out and have some fun with RopeRaiden and Twisted Phoenix as they present two chest harnesses at LRA-Chicago. For the first tie, they will explore the Akechi Denki version of the 2 and 3 rope takatakote (TK). This format will be more of a hands on rope lab so you can learn, refine or perfect this gote chest harness. We will give you some tips about how to keep proper tension as well as some secrets on how to remember the steps. We will also cover safety as well as some tips for the bottoms to help increase the endurance of this often challenging upper body tie.

For the second tie, we will be introducing a newer (to the US) chest harness which is a hojo inspired hishi (diamond) tie. This harness is not as stressful on the bottom’s shoulders but is a beautiful and stable upper body harness that can be used for floor work or suspension.

This class is for all levels. Rope bottoms should be able to have enough flexibility to maintain a behind the arms positions for lengthy periods of time. Bring a minimum of 3-4 bundles (8 meters/30ft length) of rope.

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