LRA-Chicago Presents: Sharp and Pointy with Sir David (Knife Play), Aug. 6

LRA, LRA-ChicagoCHICAGO — Do you want to ramp it up a notch? Live on the edge? This session will include lots of “how to” ideas to bring your bottom/submissive to their knees; begging for you to stop while loving the feel and excitement of the blade!

We will explore the types of instruments, styles of play, some of the potential dangers that might come with knife play, beginning techniques, safety, fear and sexual arousal, and more.

Live demonstrations involving different types of play and head games will demonstrate the fun and excitement (sexual and otherwise) of “edge” play!

About the Presenter

Sir David and his submissive are a 24/7 lifestyle couple living on the shores of Lake Superior. He has been involved in BDSM for 25 years and led and nurtured munch groups in Wisconsin and Michigan. A long time staff member of MadtownKinkfest and Twisted Tryst, he has presented on multiple topics. His presentation topic offerings include The BDSM Tango, Public BDSM 101, Beginning Flogging, Sharp and Pointy, and Caning.

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