LRA-Chicago Presents: A Service Intensive with Sarah Sloane

CHICAGO — The LRA-Chicago is honored to have Sarah Sloane presenting two classes on service


Class One
You want me to do what? Negotiating service from the bottom side

Service, whether you see it as a gift, a responsibility, a calling, or an orientation, is at the core of many M/s and D/s relationships. Unfortunately, rarely do we as bottoms have an opportunity to learn how to negotiate service effectively with prospective tops, dominants, or Masters/Mistresses – and those skills are of vital importance when it comes to finding, and serving, the right person in the right ways. Join Sarah and other attendees to discuss how to determine our own motivations for service, how to communicate them clearly, how to set and maintain boundaries, and how to ensure more realistic expectations on all sides of the equation.
(Audiences: S/m, Kink & Leather events & groups)


Class 2
You want to give me what?? Service for the Novice Top

Rarely does someone come into the knowledge that they wish to be the dominant partner in a relationship with a full and impeccable set of skills necessary to navigate the waters of working with a service oriented bottom. Let’s examine the challenges of accepting service from both novice and experienced submissives, and talk about motivating and challenging them to grow as a submissive. We’ll also talk about techniques for increasing your comfort level in directing submissives or slaves in service activities. (This class is also ideal for a top that is stepping back into a D/s or M/s relationship, as well as for submissives or slaves that are uncomfortable with the concept of directing the service of others)
(Audiences: S/m, Kink & Leather events & groups)


Our presenter
Sarah Sloane has been active in the BDSM & Leather communities for 19 years, and has taught four groups, events, community organizations, universities, and professional groups for over 15 years. She is also one of the co-facilitators of the Chicago Power Exchange discussion groups.


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