Love & Darkness @ GD2

Jerith and Wilson
Galleria Domain 2

CHICAGO – What are you doing this weekend?  Come to Chicago’s hottest and most evocative kink party!

We Do It in the Dark Saturday, May 12 from 8 P.M. – 3 A.M.

We are bringing this event back by popular demand! The last time we had a We Do It in the Dark party, the club was packed with people exploring their darkest fantasies and pushing their own boundaries. What monsters live in the dark? Come find out as we turn the lights low and the mystery up.   We’ll shift from electrical lights to candle light in our scene rooms, illuminating the space with flickering flame and a few well placed dimmed bulbs. Get to know your partner by feel. Focus on your sense of touch and taste.  Explore your deepest, darkest desires.

We Do It in the Dark is for members and their guests only.

What Else is Going on @ GD2?

Friday, May 11
Club Open for Play from 8 P.M. – 3 A.M.
Had a long week at work?  Want to enjoy some quality time with your kinky friends?  Join us at GD2 on Friday to kick off the weekend!

Saturday, May 12
Newcomer’s Social from 4 P.M – 6 P.M.
Open to all 18+ w/ID
GD2’s socials are one of the best places to meet and mingle with members of our communities. EVERYONE is welcome at our Newcomers Socials! You don’t need to be new to kink or new to GD2 to attend.

Poly Contracts w/ Dan & Dawn 6 P.M. – 7:45 P.M.
Open to all 18+ w/ID
Dan and dawn, a non monogamous couple of many years, lead a workshop on written poly agreements (Poly Contracts). “The poly contract is not intended to be a parallel of a marriage contract – it is intended to be more”.  They will discuss the pros and cons of having a formal contract for poly relationships, key ingredients of a contract, when one is needed, adjustments for long distance vs. live in contracts, and how often they should be updated.

Want to attend We Do It in the Dark?  Not a member?  To join GD2, visit
Reprinted with permission