Louisville Pot Luck Pitch In, July 14

LOUISIVILLE – Come join us at the Fringe Community Center on the second Sunday of July, July 14, from 1:00pm – 6:00pm.  We’re going to be doing some spiffing up and cleaning up and painting and we need your help.

We plan to do some painting, some minor repairs and upgrades, and cleaning up some of the building and equipment.

If you have a tool belt or a scrub brush, or painting supplies you’re used to using, please bring them, along with a dish to share with your fellow cleaning crew.  Fringe Elements will be supplying hot dogs and soft drinks, as well as paint and some supplies, but anything you have that you’re willing to donate, feel free to bring it along.

We’re also always happy to have donations of paper towels, disinfecting wipes, red and blue Solo cups, trash bags, or cleaning supplies.

We’re planning on spending a few hours working then have some time to eat and socialize with your friends and kinky family.

You must be a member of Fringe Elements, but there will be no fee to attend this, other than a willingness to work and help us make the Center everything you’re looking to find.

If you have specific skills, supplies, or questions, please contact us at info@louisvillefringe.com.

Ms Constance
Louisville Fringe Elements