Louisville Munch’s Bigass 19th Anniversary Munch and Party

LOUISVILLE — It’s getting to be that time again where we celebrate another year of continuous fellowship and community at our 19th Anniversary Munch and Party! in Louisville! Imagine, some of you coming to the Munches weren’t even born yet when the first one took place in October 1997. Shit, now I feel really old…

If you’ve been curious about the Munches and parties in Louisville, this would be the perfect time to plan the trip and get in on the fellowship and fun. We welcome everyone 18+ with an interest in kink.

Anyways, we’ll be at the original Munch location, Bearno’s by the Bridge for this one. Aside from the great food, they have an outstanding private space for us downstairs. Oh, the memories… Come check it out and have a slice, or try the lasagna or salads.

And don’t forget the Munchies Awards we’ll be handing out! We recognize contributions to our community over the last year, volunteerism, and amazing attributes like Best Ass and Biggest Slut 😉 Come and be a part of it! There is nothing quite like it.

Of course, we’ll be partying all night afterwards at ReMiX, so be sure to come prepared with your toys, sexy outfits, and your spirit of revelry to kick off year 20 the right way!