Louisville Munch SIG Discussions, May 19

CLARKSVILLE, Ind. – It’s time for another discussion SIG meeting. The Dominant’s Roundtable, the Switch’s Guild and SubSpace groups meet at the same time and each group will also be discussing the same topic. This family of Special Interest Groups is designed for those who have attended at least one Louisville Munch before and are firm in their power orientation within the lifestyle, whether they are experienced or novices. These are designed to be facilitated in-depth discussions of topics related to various facets of the lifestyle. After discussion of the topic within our separate power-orientation groups, we will have a combined portion at the end of the meeting.

The topic for the upcoming meeting is:

Taboos and Fetishes

What are fetishes? What are your fetishes?  What are taboos? What are your taboos?  Have your taboos or fetishes ever negatively affected a relationship?  How do you start a discussion about fetishes?  How do you handle when someone else’s fetishes make you uncomfortable?  What are the fetishes that do make you uncomfortable?  Are there activities that you used to consider taboo that you have since tried? What was the result?

Louisville Munch