Louisville Fringe Elements Uniform Ball

Louisville Fetish Uniform Ball 2013LOUISVILLE, Ky. – You’ve been drafted! You are expected to report for duty at 20:00 sharp on June 15, in Louisville, Kentucky.

That’s 8:00pm to you civilians out there.

We want YOU to join us for our Uniform Ball.

You know you love uniforms. Everybody loves uniforms.

Wear your dress blues or your camos, your firemen’s suspenders or your police gloves.

Remember, too, other occupations wear uniforms!

This is your chance to indulge Nurse Nasty, or channel Doctor Demented.

Play out your sports fantasy with a football uniform or a wrestling singlet, and try and get past first base.

Let your Perverted Pilot or Sexy Stewardess fly the friendly skies of the Uniform Ball.

Even superheroes have uniforms, if you think about it.

We’ll have special recognition for those of our community who work in Community Service, and we’ll take your picture decked out in your uniform finest in front of our Stars and Stripes display. We’ll have vendors with all manner of delights, and then you can get out of uniform in our play space.

Please visit http://www.louisvillefringe.com/ for more information.

Louisville Fetish Elements