Longtime LRA Member Tattoo Joe Passes Away

CHICAGO – The LRA-Chicago announced Saturday morning the passing of a longtime member of the club, Tattoo Joe, known as BenevlntDictator on Fetlife.

The statement from LRA board member Gavin:

The LRA Board is deeply saddened to inform the members of the passing of BenevlntDictator, known to many as “Tattoo Joe,” early this morning.  Joe was a member of the LRA for many, many years, and has had a profound influence on many people in that time.

Our sympathies to his beloved partner, ginny81265, and to his family.  We will miss him more than words can express.

Other details will be posted as they become available.

Condolences have been coming in from around the Chicago area and the larger region. Joe had been a very active member of LRA and had attended events through out the Great Lakes region.

Our condolences go out to Joe’s family. We’ll post details as the become available.