The Longest Night – Midwinter’s Masque

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Join us in celebration, where we will vanquish the cold night and bring in the sunshine of the new year. Based on the Kushiel Dart series, the masquerade will combine our love of friendship, kink, and parties.

The holiday centers around celebration of the sun’s return, so two people always play the Winter Queen and the Sun Prince at the masque. The Winter Queen appears as an old woman clad in rags, stooped and hobbling with a cane. The Sun Prince, a young man clad all in gold, enters when the horologist calls the hour of the sun’s return and all the lights are extinguished. The Sun Prince taps the Winter Queen with his spear and she lifts off her rags, appearing as a young woman.

Please be sure to come with a mask or costume for the evening, as this is a formal kink event. You are encouraged to bring all of your toys, your friends, and lovers. The night will start first with masked attendees, a sumptuous feast, followed by play. You are invited to finish the night with us, staying overnight, and awaking to yet another feast.

We are looking for additional play furniture and decorations.

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Bloomington Kink