LLC in Nashville, TN and Activism

NCSF will be in full force at the Leather Leadership Conference in Nashville TN this year April 13- 15, 2012.

The Activism track will be spearheaded by the NCSF and affiliated speakers: Susan Wright, Leigha Fleming, Vivienne Kramer, Richard Sprott, Mercury and Bob Keltner providing five classes as well as a Caucusing session.

NCSF spearheaded presentations include:
Train the Trainer
Public Speaking 101 combined with a How to talk about BDSM so you can safely and easily talk about the lifestyle to vanillas

Consent Counts
What is Consent?, Consent FAQ, Best Practices, What’s Next? and What Can You Do? Action Items

Media Training
Learn how to develop a media plan based on proven strategies and tactics, while hearing about recent news stories and notorious incidents involving BDSM

Outreach to Law Enforcement and Mental Health Professionals
Learn the specific ways to do effective outreach to legal and mental health professionals

Grassroots Organizing
How to organize a Lobbying Day and call a Townhall meeting

Caucus Sessions
90 minute block of time organized by affinity groups such as Master/slave, TNG, or by geography such as East, West, South, on participant-determined topics such as Outreach, Legislation, Community Development, etc.

If you are interested in community service, leadership, group dynamics, the history of our community or networking opportunities you are invited to attend LLC-XVI.

The Leather Leadership Conference — Nashville, April 13-15 2012
LLCXVI Nashville C’mon ROCK Nashville with us!
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