LIFE Detroit: Bootblacks: Historical Foundations, Modern Interpretations, Erotic Potential – Dec. 17

DETROIT – LIFE Detroit is thrilled to present you with this outstanding class as part of it’s monthly series of educational events on Wednesday, December 17th:

Bootblacks: Historical Foundations, Modern Interpretations, Erotic Potential


Join vegasaurus_rex and Eternalmaiden, of the Detroit Area Bootblacks’ Laboratory, to learn more about the historical foundations of today’s bootblacking, both in vanilla history and in scene history, and how that shared history has informed the way that bootblacks today work, collaborate, teach and minister to leathers. There are as many styles of bootblacking as there are bootblacks and our culture of diversity and inclusivity reflect that. Bootblacks are sometimes considered the repositories and protectors of our shared leather history; however, unlike academics, bootblacks collect and hold our history through a series of highly personal, often erotic, one-on-one encounters that create this history as often as they collect it.

We will also offer an uncomplicated look at basic technique and an overview of a simple, budget-friendly bootblack starter kit. We welcome discussion and thoughts about both leather care and the role of bootblacks in our community.

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