Life Celebration of Sir Greg, slave Aaron – June 6

slave Aaron and Sir Greg

slave Aaron and Sir Greg

INDIANAPOLIS – Join us, as we honor the memory of Sir Greg and slave aaron on June 6. Both were active and well loved members of our Indianapolis Community.

Afternoon Memorial : 5 PM – 7 PM
Community Dinner : 7 PM – 8:30 PM
Evening Celebration of Life : 9 PM – Close

Afternoon Memorial

The first hour will be a time for people to connect, tell favorite stories and morn as a family. The second hour a few friends of Sir Greg and slave aaron will speak.
– In lieu of a signing book we are requesting that you bring a copy of your favorite picture of Sir Greg and/or slave aaron. It can be of just them, you with them, or a group photo. The photos will be posted in a collage. If you choose to leave your email address, you will receive a photo of the finished collage.

Community Dinner

We will share a light meal as a family between the Afternoon Memorial and the Evening Celebration of Life.

Evening Celebration of Life

In the evening we will have songs, queens and fun stories. We will celebrate with songs, some sung by friends, some by fabulous drag queens. Afterwards we will welcome Sir Greg and slave aaron’s friends to share some of their favorite fun memories of their lives’. For example, why Sir Greg is “officer pretty”.

– If you have a short story you would like to share please send a note to Lynn at
– During the evening we have an auction to raise funds for The Damien Center, collecting stuffed bears in memory of slave aaron and have a donation jar to raise funds towards purchasing a brick at the LA&M in memory of Sir Greg and slave aaron.

Wear what ever you feel the occasion warrants. If you feel appropriate wearing High Cow please do so. If you are a member of the kink community and leather attire isn’t you then wear something semiformal but appropriate.

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