LEO Presents Scene Structure, July 27

LANSING, MI – LEO Presents Scene Structure: A guide to successful negotiation, play, and aftercare.Taught by Sir Travis

Sir Travis began exploring BDSM in the late 90′s. After over a decade of Topping, bottoming, and all around deviant sex, he embraced the areas of kink that called to him, and followed that by joining the public scene in 2009.

A Sadistic D-type with Daddy tendencies who subscribes to the philosophy of RACK, gravitates towards unusual toys and heavy impact, and enjoys a wide range of kinks, he is currently focused on the exploration of a Leather path and sharing the things he loves with others.

He is the owner of Niki, whom with he has a 24/7 TPE and has been with for over 4 years.

Sir Travis is honored to hold the title Michigan Master 2014 and has had the privilege of sharing his knowledge and skills at Great Lakes Leather Alliance, debauchery (NC), IMAS- Beat My Valentine (IN), LRA Chicago. LIFE Detroit’s DARK Weekend, The Board of Education/Downriver Club (MI), and various local West Michigan Organizations BDSM Education nights.

Actively volunteering in his home community, Sir Travis has organized, owned and/or facilitated the following: a weekend educational conference, a dedicated Leather/Kink/BDSM playspace, SLOSH’s, Munches, and is the Co Founder and Executive Director of MAsT: Grand Rapids.

Scene Structure: A guide to successful negotiation, play, and aftercare.

Let’s face it, we all like to play. Whether it is soft sensations, rope, knives, or floggers, fists, feet, and whips, the give and take between Top and bottom can be an amazing thing. It can also go “sideways” in a hurry! This class focuses on ways to plan and structure a scene so that both Top and bottom are fulfilled and left wanting more! From negotiation styles and ideas, to reading the bottom, communicating during play, and tailoring aftercare, we will cover an outline that can be used as a basic “how-to” guide for play, or can be used in parts to help enhance the methods an experienced Top already uses.

Privacy is very important in our community, and it seems all phones have cameras these days. For peace of mind for all concerned, we ask that you not take your phones out during class. Please remember to bring paper and pen for old school note taking, rather than on your phone. Please turn your ringer off, and if you must take a call, please leave the room to do so.

The class will be held Sunday July 27th from 3pm-6pm

Doors open at 2:30pm.

The price of the class is $10 in advance $15 at the door.

We will only accept cash at the door.

At the Days Inn Lansing:

7711 West Saginaw Highway, Lansing, MI 48917