LeatherUNITED, Grand Rapids


Leather United LogoGRAND RAPIDS – November is LeatherUNITED Month, so join us in Grand Rapids for GR’s second LeatherUNITED event!
What is LeatherUNITED?

LeatherUNITED is not a fundraiser.
LeatherUNITED is not a bar night.
LeatherUNITED is an invitation…

to the Leather Community to come together and support that which we love. It is designed to introduce new people to our Community, to keep current members of the Community involved, & to remind those who have left the Community why they loved it & why they should become involved again.

LeatherUNITED strives to hold events & sponsor events that are held in a neutral location where like-minded individuals can come together to relax, reconnect, and remember what makes our Community great.

LeatherUNITED was created by Byron Hayes, Mr. Leather Michigan 2010.

Event Information:

LeatherUNITED will be hosted at Rumors Nightclub in Grand Rapids Michigan, on November 15th.

Special Guests for the evening include International Leather Sir 2015, Sir Mark; Mr. Michigan Leather 2015, Josh; and Mr. Michigan Leather 2009 & Founder of Mr. Friendly, Dave Watt.

Speaking of Mr. Friendly, a Mr. Friendly booth will be set up with info on the organization, PEP, & PrEP; as well as some merchandise.

Kinky Night Out will be providing NCSF pamphlets while the Great Lakes Den will be providing local lifestyle event info.

Bootblacking will be provided by the West Michigan Bootblack Lab’s co-host Master Link.

Rumors is offering a $1 off all Drafts special for the LeatherUNITED event.

Though LeatherUNITED isn’t a fundraiser, Rumors Night Club is donating part of the proceeds from the cover to Mr. Michigan Leather 2015’s Travel Fund. Also the Bootblack donations are being donated as well.

Cover Charge: $3 for 21yo+ and $10 for under 21yo.

If you prefer to use Fetlife rather than Facebook you can RSVP at the following link: https://fetlife.com/events/286087