LeatherUNITED Event, Nov. 8

What is LeatherUNITED?

LeatherUNITED is not a fundraiser.

LeatherUNITED is not a bar night.

LeatherUNITED is an invitation…to the Leather Community to come together and support that which we love. It is designed to introduce new people to our Community, to keep current members of the Community involved, and to remind those who have left the Community why they loved it and why they should become involved again.

LeatherUNITED strives to hold events and sponsor events that are held in a neutral location where like-minded individuals can come together to relax, reconnect, and remember what makes our Community great.

LeatherUNITED was created by Bryon Hayes,  Mr. Leather Michigan 2010.

The event night at The Kinkdom will be hosted by Mystryss Lily, Goddess Lakshimi, and The Kinkdom.

For more information on LeatherUNITED, check us out on Facebook. If you’d be interested in holding a LeatherUNITED event in your area, please contact Bryon Hayes via Facebook, via email at LeatherUNITED@yahoo.com  or via phone at 734-260-2388.

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/534622563291008/?notif_t=plan_edited