Leather Stallion Saloon Mid-January Update

CLEVELAND РWell we are half way through January and we have had fun so far! The pot luck dinner was tasty and fun and next Tuesday is the dinner competition for meatloaf. Bring your best meatloaf  to the bar for judging by 7pm and prepare to have a fun filled evening. The winner will be announced at 8pm following dinner. Side dishes provided as are plates and utensils. The winner receives a gift certificate as does the runner up. We do need at least 4 entries to hold the event, so call on all your friends and have them join in by cooking a meatloaf too!

This Saturday night we welcome the return for the one and only house diva, Amanda Reconwith to our stage for a special 10pm show. Amanda will be accompanied by house DJ Doug spinning great music all night long. This is our January Winter Party and we encourage you to bring a friend or two to help celebrate.

Don’t forget every Saturday night at 10pm we hold a free pool tournament when 5 players join to play-off on the table. Drop in and have some fun with us!

Coming next month we have several parties and lots of fun for you! Be watching for more eNews coming soon. We’ll see you at the LSS soon.

Leather Stallion Saloon