Leather Reading Club this month: “Coming To Power: Writings & Graphics on Lesbian S/M”

CHICAGO – Just wanted to remind you all that this month’s Leather Canon Reading Club book is “Coming To Power: Writing & Graphics on Lesbian S/M”. This book, published in 1981 (though the second edition, which quickly followed in ’82), was compiled & written by SAMOIS, a lesbian S/M organization.

In her review of this book on Amazon, Tammy Jo Eckhart writes…”If you are kinky, male or female, straight, bi or gay, and you don’t have this book, you need to get it. Written as a storm was raging about feminism, SM, and being lesbian, this offers honest and explicite discussions of how lesbian SM worked. There’s advice on how-to do some activities, discussions of the politics of SM, and also some very in your face theory about being kinky and defining relationships. Its a book I’ve read several times. It is very short, mind you, but so worth the price to get your hands on articles you just can’t find any more.”

It is very much an out-of-print book, however you can easily purchase used copies on Amazon. I have two or three loaner copies of this book (one of which is destined for LRA’s new library in March), and am happy to loan one to anyone who can’t get their hands on it and wants to read it & participate in the discussion – just let me know privately :)

As always, the reading club is open to LRA members. Feel free to bring snacks with you, if you’d like. You can RSVP at the Fetlife event link, or just come by the club on Tuesday, February 26 at 7 PM!