Leather Press Series: Supporting the Leather Press

First in a four-part series

There is a lot going on in the community and a lot of uneven communication. So I do want to try to get some perspective on using the community press.

First thing I want to get across because it bears repeating. We can only do so much.

Almost NONE of us do this as our day jobs. None of our sites, publications or columns bring in enough money to live on. They simply don’t. As big as the community is, and it is surprising large, it’s not a big enough audience to make money through advertising. We do these publications as a way of giving service. It is a labor of love. We spend our own money to get to events, for hotels, for meals, for web hosting, for equipment. And we do it while also working day jobs and having lives with our loved ones. We don’t get a lot of spare time.

That means that we simply can’t catch everything that’s going on. It’s not possible. We can be fully immersed in finding all the news and events affecting the community… or we can sleep. That’s where you all come in. More on that later.

We’re also members of the community. We’re not outsiders. If we publish something, it’s not because we want to see the drama. (Seriously, everyone I know who is active with the leather press are some of the least dramatic people I know… until you hit their buttons about something they care about it. Then God help you.) It’s because it’s something we think the community needs to know about. We’re trying to inform and educate. Sometimes it’ll be stuff you didn’t necessarily want to know about. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. We’re trying to help and support the community, not tear it down. We may make mistakes, but we really aren’t trying to actively take people down. Trust me, if we wanted actual power, there are a lot of much easier ways to do that.

And we can’t do it alone. Community press is just that, for and by the community. We need you. Not necessarily for financial support (though if you’d like to contribute money, none of us will turn it down), but in information. We can be partners, but we need you to be active. It is your community press. So use it. I’ll talk more about that in upcoming pieces.