Leather Hall of Fame seeks nominations for 2018

CLEVELAND — The Leather Hall of Fame (LHOF) is seeking nominations for the 2018 inductees. LHOF board member Gloria Brame has explained the nomination process below:

As a member of the Board of Governors of the Leather Hall of Fame, I’d like to explain the nomination process to help people and groups understand our mission, the kinds of candidates we seek, and the biographical material we need to make our decision.

First, who we are: a bunch of Community elders who carefully document and preserve the histories of notable figures in our world. LHOF inducts three Leather/BDSM people or groups each year. Along with a physical award and a beautiful formal ceremony at CLAW each year, where the winner or his/her biographer make an acceptance speech before hundreds of leather people, each inductee has a complete bio printed for distribution at the ceremony. A digital version is enshrined on the LHOF site.

From LHOF’s front page https://www.leatherhalloffame.com/

The Leather Hall of Fame recognizes people and organizations who have made significant contributions to the modern leather community over time and provides a historical and educational reference for the community. We represent all people in the modern leather community (1950 – present) around the World, without regard to gender or sexual orientation.

You can see a full list of our inductees here at https://www.leatherhalloffame.com/index.php/inductees.html

While we have a large existing pool of candidates, what we lack is diversity in nominees and therefore in inductees. I have brought this to the Board’s attention and have gotten accepting and affirmative vibes about inclusivity. So if you know of historic leather leaders who have been marginalized by race or gender, now would be a super good time to nominate them. The stronger the candidate, the more likely their chances of consideration. The Board is very serious about the process and does independent research too. Remember, we have powerful candidates already in the pool, so here are some tips on creating a strong nomination.

The official nomination form is at https://www.clawinfo.org/home/lhof-nomination. Fill in that form and submit it there. Otherwise we won’t see it.

  1. The form looks deceptively short. In fact, the more biographical material the better. So before you fill out the form, take the time to research your candidate and prepare a full biography in a document file. Then cut and paste it into the box on the nomination form.
  2. Tips on building a compelling biography: Create a chronology of your nominees’ BDSM/leather contributions. If you have any documents, mention them. If you have anecdotal info on groups they founded, led, or served, include it. Provide dates. Provide names of groups/clubs/people who can vouch for them. Provide titles of any books/magazines they published.
  3. Tyesha Nicole Best agreed to help me or help you or help anyone who needs help building a solid biography and getting more diversity into LHOF.
  4. Before everyone nominates Vi Johnson, she’s on the Board. Once you join the Board you cannot be voted in. Here’s the list of current Board members https://www.leatherhalloffame.com/index.php/board-of-governors.html
  5. The best candidates will have a long-standing history in BDSM, preferably 2-3 decades or more. Scene Elders/Seniors and historic figures who’ve passed should get your special consideration. It’s a nice thing when we can honor an elder in their lifetime, and equally nice to pay tribute to those who paved the way before some of us were even born.

The deadline for nominations is October 15, 2017.