Leather Family Feud in Minneapolis, Nov. 22

Leather Family Fued

MINNEAPOLIS – Eight (8) Minnesota leather “families” (clubs, groups, clusters of 5 individuals, whatever) face off Family Feud-style to raise money for a charity of their choice. Will your family step up and be one of them?

Registration proceeds will be pooled and will go to the top winning families’ chosen charities!

Remember, the tournament can accommodate only 8 families (5 individuals each), so plan now so you can register right away when the the site goes live! Cost to register is a minimum of $75, giving families time to raise the other half before the game.

*The Details*

We set up an Eventbrite registration so it’s truly first come, first served! Backpatch clubs, associations, online chat groups, businesses, or groups of unaffiliated individuals may make up a family — you can even partner with another family that has not already registered! It’s all good!

The donation for each family to participate is a total of $150. Your family may register with half that amount ($75) or more on Eventbrite at:


You may register with a minimum of $75 (1/2 the full donation), but you must fulfill the balance by the time the event begins on November 22. You may handle that at the door before the event starts, or you may do so any time prior to that by contacting us at familyfeud@mnleatherpride.org. Of course, you may register with more than $75, or with the full amount, right away!

Families will feud in flights, with the winners from each flight advancing to the next round until we have a final winning family! If the maximum 8 families play, $1000 of the collected registrations will go to the final winning family’s chosen charity; $200 of the collected registrations will go to the second place family’s charity.

We’re sure there will be more families wanting to play than we can accommodate, so we’ve set up a waiting list when the slots fill up. If registered families drop out, families on the waiting list will be contacted in the order they are received on the waiting list for an opportunity to play.

If you have any questions or have trouble accessing the registration site, please contact us at familyfeud@mnleatherpride.org.


Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/351226841704006

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