Leather Archives & Museum Publishes 2014 Operating Budget

CHICAGO – The Leather Archives & Museum (LA&M) published its 2014 operating budget last week.  The budget, detailed below, reflects the institution’s educational and preservation priorities and commitment to efficiency in spending.  The LA&M continues to keep overhead and fundraising expenses to a minimum through the use of volunteers and responsible fiscal oversight.

L&AM 2014 Budget

The Leather Archives has budgeted 32% for preservation and conservation activities, 46% for education programs including digitization and the development of online mobile exhibits and 12% for the Etienne Auditorium, which houses beautiful murals from the legendary erotic artist Etienne and which is made available to charitable and social leather functions in Chicago free of charge.

The Leather Archives & Museum is a library, museum and archives pertaining to leather and alternative sexual communities. The geographic collection scope is worldwide and includes all sexual orientations and genders. The library collection contains books, magazines, scholarly publications, films and electronic resources related to the subject matter. The museum collection contains original erotic art and artifacts from alternative sex organizations and individuals. The archival collection contains unpublished papers and records from notable activists, artists, businesses and organizations related to the subject matter.  For more information about the LA&M, please visit http://www.leatherarchives.org.

Leather Archives & Museum