Leadership In Action Award at Leather Leadership Conference XX in Atlanta

Thomas Smith, Leather Leadership Conference

Thomas Smith

ATLANTA — Thomas Smith received the Leadership In Action at the Leather Leadership Conference (LLC) in Atlanta, GA on March 19, 2016.  Thomas was recognized for dedication, leadership, and passion shown in over thirty years of engagement in the leather community.  Thomas is an award-winning author in 2013 and 2014 International Book Awards and the 2015 USA Best Book Awards for books about personal leather history and the leather counter-culture.  CiCi Chrysalis, Chair of the Leather Leadership Conference stated, “On behalf of the LLC Board please accept this Award as a small reminder of all you do and have done on behalf of a grateful community.”

Highlights of Thomas Smith’s leather achievements include:

  • Clubs: alumni Black Guard of Minnesota and the Lexington Lyons in Kentucky serving as President, 1994 to 2010.
  • Titles:  Mr. Kentucky Leather 1997, Mr. International Rubber 1999
  • Chair,  Board Member, and Advisor – Leather Leadership Conference,  2010-2014.
  • Other notable activities: online presence creating popular FetLife groups with over 25,000 members worldwide including the Leadership Forum.
  • Recognitions: 2000 President’s Pantheon Award; 2011 Southeast Regional Pantheon Award; inaugural winner of the 2011 Connell – Stanley Award for Kentucky Leather Person of the Year; inaugural winner of the 2014 Leathertarian Lifetime Achievement Award; 2014 Community Grand Marshal for Greater Palm Springs Pride

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