LA&M, Women’s Leather History Project name new members

CHICAGO — The Leather Archive & Museum (LA&M) announced new appointments for its board and the committee for the Women’s Leather History Project.

On Oct. 28, 2016, the Voting Membership of the Leather Archives & Museum ratified the election of Bob Behr and Randall “Bear Man” Klett to the Board of Directors.

Bob has held the titles of Michigan and Great Lakes LeatherSir. He is a co-founder and current Treasurer of the Michigan Band of Brothers. Since stepping aside from his titles, Bob has remained active across the Great Lakes, U.S. and Canada; serving as Judge, Emcee, Contestant Coordinator, Instructor, or simply a spectator at numerous events. Knowing the importance of service and giving, Bob has contributed to curriculum development for the Mr. Friendly Campaign, supported the LA&M, and sponsored two gender neutral college scholarships. Bob brings years of not for profit experience to the LA&M Board. As a lover of history, he honors our past and seeks to preserve it while providing meaningful experiences for future generations. Bob’s leadership experience brings fundraising and public outreach skills to build a strong membership base to best ensure facilities and resources are in place to support the mission of the organization

Known to his mother and his banker as Randall, the rest of the world knows him as The Bear Man (close friends call him Bear.) The Bear Man has been an S/M player and a top since his first husband forced him to tie him up out in the barn 30 years ago The Bear Man is the CEO of The Werks Company and Stompers Boots in Fort Lauderdale. The Companies leave Florida several times a year to take the store on the road to events like Mid Atlantic Leather Weekend, Bears Bikers and Mayhem, CLAW, IML, and several smaller events. The Bear Man is very dedicated to the success of the company (read “a workaholic”). What little time he spends away from work is spent with his partner Christian, their boy matt and pup grayson.

In addition to his duties managing the business, The Bear Man is active in Fort Lauderdale politics having served on Neighborhood Association Boards and Citizens Advisory Boards. He has also served many years as a member of the Board of The Leather Archives & Museum.

At its Sept. 16 Board of Directors meeting, the LA&M added slave Angie to the Women’s Leather History Program committee. She looks forward to working with the LA&M Board of Directors and staff to continue preserving and providing access to women’s history at the Leather Archives.

A slave to Master Michael for over thirteen years, a femme leather-woman, bootblack, masochist and puppy. Slave Angie has worked hard to grow in the Master/slave dynamic that means so much to her, and has found love and happiness in being who she is. Angie’s path as a slave has taken her to explore a more spiritual/deeper element, as well as learning to share her experiences to others, teaching when she’s asked to, around the world.

Angie is honored to be International slave 2014. She is co-recipient of the 2015 Jack Stice Memorial award and 2015 Pantheon Couple of the Year award. She is also Co-producer of Illinois Leather Alliance contests, officer and Treasurer of Chicago Leather Club and a member of the Butchmann’s Board of Directors. Angie loves to ride with Michael and keep active in service to her Master and community

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