LA&M Publishes Fred J. Lincoln Oral History and Transcript


Fred J. Lincoln

Fred J. Lincoln

CHICAGO – The Leather Archives & Museum has published a sound recording and full transcript of an oral history with legendary pornographer Fred J. Lincoln.  The seven hour interview was conducted in February 2011 by T.L. Gross and covers Mr. Lincoln’s entire life from childhood to retirement.  The audio interview and transcript can be accessed and downloaded from the Leather Archives & Museum website.

Fred J. Lincoln starred in and directed hundreds of pornographic films, most with an S&M theme.  He was involved in many New York clubs and parties including Plato’s Retreat, “The Project” (in which people would write out secret fantasies which were then acted out on stage), Hellfire Club, Show World and Bizarre Burlesque.  He directed hundreds of films throughout his life.  Outside of pornographic films, he is best known for his role in Wes Craven’s first movie, “Last House on the Left”.

Fred Lincoln passed away on January 17th, 2013.

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