LA&M appoints new archivist and collections librarian

CHICAGO — Mel Leverich will assume the Archivist and Collections Librarian position at the Leather Archives & Museum effective January 3rd, 2017.  Mel’s experience with analog and digital collections combined with her passion for providing access to queer and kink history through archives will greatly benefit the collections and patrons of the LA&M.  Mel comments “I feel very lucky to join the LA&M staff and to be a part of an institution with a mission that I care deeply about.”

Mel Leverich

Mel grew up in Salt Lake City and studied classics and cultural studies at the University of Utah. There she developed an interest in the study of sexuality and the preservation of LGBTQ and Leather history. While pursuing a Master of Archival Studies at the University of British Columbia, she was an intern at the City of Vancouver Archives and a research assistant with InterPARES Trust. After moving to Indiana in 2014, she became an archivist for Indiana University Recreational Sports and worked for Indiana University’s Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative.

The Leather Archives & Museum is a library, museum and archives pertaining to leather and alternative sexual communities. The geographic collection scope is worldwide and includes all sexual orientations and genders. The library collection contains books, magazines, scholarly publications, films and electronic resources related to the subject matter. The museum collection contains original erotic art and artifacts from alternative sex organizations and individuals. The archival collection contains unpublished papers and records from notable activists, artists, businesses and organizations related to the subject matter.  For more information about the LA&M, please visit

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