Kosairs Toy Drive Challenge

LOUISVILLE – Starting after the September Louisville Munch, Sacredeagle and shy_smile (Steven and kim) are raising toys and funds to donate to Kosair kids for Christmas. Only new/unopened toys can be accepted.

Since these children had to leave their favorite toys at home when they got sick, we are trying to get them now toys to help make them happy during their sometimes long recovery.

Please be advised that we cannot accept recalled toys or games. The U.S. Consumer Support and Safety Commission has a full list of recalled items.

Please make sure your donations:

  • Are NEW (toys, stuffed animals, blankets, or clothes) to meet the hospital’s infection control requirements.
  • Meet consumer product safety codes – a toy’s package will say if it meets the codes.
  • Include only non-toxic materials (toys or craft kits with glue or markers) – the package will say if it is.

We CANNOT accept:

  • Spark-producing toys due to fire regulations.
  • Latex (or rubber) balloons and materials because of latex allergy precautions and other safety factors.
  • Toys made of glass or brittle plastic.
  • Items with violent, frightening or adult-rated themes.
  • Toys that can break or have sharp edges – toys should be sturdy.

Although the “dollar stores” have bargains, sometimes the quality is absent. We would rather have one quality toy that meets safety standards rather than five inexpensive ones that don’t.

Bring your donations to any of the community events
For drop info outside the event list, contact, on FetLife:

Come one everyone, I challenge the community to raise $3,000 in toys and cash donations! Check the event calender. It shows a december start date, but it actually starts the weekend of the September munch.

Kentucky Kinks
Used with permission