Kinktoberfest Gives Back to the Community

INDIANAPOLIS – One of the annual highlights to my year is the Indy Pride Parade and Festival. I see family, friends, co-workers, and many thousands of people I don’t know. The entire event is one of the most positive energies I have ever felt in my life. Every year I am smiling and laughing and talking to people, and then comes the contingent from the Indy Youth Group. I see kids that are out and proud that remind me of my friends that were never able to be out at that age. These kids are walking tall, smiling and waving, proud and happy. And I’m welling up tears. For many of the above reasons, but also because I know this may be the only day of the year they are able to walk tall and be proud of themselves. An acquaintance told me months ago that the IYG saved her life. I also heard positive things from many others. I’ve also read articles about the lack of resources our LGBQT youth have.

During planning of our joint event, Kinktoberfest, IMAS advised us that the profits from the event are to be donated to an organization that helps “our community”. When discussion came up about where the money would go, IKS enthusiastically suggested the IYG and IMAS enthusiastically agreed. On behalf of the IKS leadership I would like to advise that “thousands” of dollars in profits from the event were donated to the IYG by IMAS/IKS. The executive director of IYG said this: “…blew our socks off!!! We totally were not expecting that large of a donation!!!”

IKS would like to thank IMAS, first and foremost. Thanks for partnering with us and thank you for agreeing so quickly on where the money would be donated. We want to thank the IKS and IMAS members. Thank you for supporting our groups, volunteering, attending events, donating time and money, and everything else you do to assist in the efforts of the groups. Thank you to all of the community members that supported us by attending and helping out. It’s appreciated. Remember this, and all of the other great things our community and its groups do for the greater good, when you are deciding whether to support an event with your time and money.

Thanks! IKS Board

Indianapolis Kink Society