The Kinkdom Presents – An evening with Master Fire

The KinkdomDETROIT — This month, we will be hosting a class prior to the play party. The class will begin at 8 and the party will follow, the class will take approximately 2 hours, depending on participation level, and the doors will open once the class is over, the parking attendant will be notified once the class is over.
We will have some food, if you would like to bring a dish to pass, it would be greatly appreciated.

The class is a Ritual Piercing Workshop

In order to create a change in our lives or ourselves, we must first rid ourselves of what we perceive as negative or undesirable, then fill that space with what we see as positive and beneficial. This process is much like creating a great garden; we remove the less fertile soil, then replace it with new, nutritious soil.

Ritual Piercing uses the concept of a personal “sacrifice” to remove and replace soil. The tradition of using sacrifice in this way is an ancient one and crosses many religious barriers. Doing this as a group, in ritual or sacred space, creates a sense of “tribe”, a vital component in a “radical” or life changing ritual.

The workshop includes instruction for those new to piercing. Curious individuals, looking to see if this is a path for them are quite welcome to come and participate or bear witness. Drummers are highly encouraged to bring drums and play!

Scared space will be non-religion/spirituality specific, but with heavy “tribal” influences. Please come on time; the space will be closed to new entrants once the ritual space has been established.

The Presenter: Master Fire

Master Fire is a female Master currently from the mountains of West Virginia. Her interest in SM, as well as Ds and Ms relationships, began in the late 1990s. She attended her first MAsT meeting in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, in 2001, and since that time, has co-founded, led or otherwise served, various lifestyle organizations, and volunteered for numerous events. She is the author of Manual Creation: Defining the Structure of an Ms Household, an endeavor that began with her personal household manual, inspired by the late Jack McGeorge. Currently, she serves as the Puppet Monarch (AKA Director) of MAsT: Charleston WV and is the Northeast Master 2015. In addition, she is an ordained neo-pagan metaphysicist, a physicist and an artist. Master Fire has found that Mastery isn’t just part of her spiritual path, but is the path itself, the practice of which facilitates an unusual connection with the people who choose to serve her.

The Kinkdom is one of Detroit’s dedicated play spaces that hosts monthly play parties and events for your enjoyment!
New to The Kinkdom? We have 2600 square feet and two floors; The Kinkdom is a fully equipped dungeon and dedicated space. We have St. Andrews crosses, seated crosses, spanking benches, stocks, a reclined bondage bed, a gyno table, school room complete with chalk board and desks, as well as a rope bondage and suspension area for all your perverted pleasures.
Been to The Kinkdom? Come on back and enjoy the space, we are always making changes and upgrades to suit our community. You are sure to find some familiar faces and see some new ones!
Note: We have a single person bathroom that can be used for dressing if you would like to get dressed at the event.
Please read The Kinkdom rules prior to attending the party. Everyone in attendance must sign a waiver.
The Kinkdom is a welcoming space for long time kinky veterans or exploring novices. We are open for people of all identities and sexual orientations aged 18 and above.

Please note that absolutely no cell phones, cameras, or recording devices are permitted in the basement dungeon. Anyone in violation may be asked to leave the dungeon or removed from the party all together. We take the privacy and safety of our patrons very seriously.
Also, we hope that you’re having too much fun to have your cell phone out, but we do understand that some people require having them on their person. If you require having your phone on you, please turn the volume off and step outside the dungeon if you must take a call. If you wish to take pictures of your own scene, or the aftermath of it, please obtain approval from the Dungeon Monitor.

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