Kink U – Iowa City Leather Invasion

Kink U

IOWA CITY — Join the Titans of the Midwest, James Tyrcha (Mr. Leather 64 Ten), and Tink (Ms. Iowa Leather) for an afternoon of kinky education. Details will be published very soon, check back regularly!

Flogging @ 12 with Tredgewood (Mike)

Tredgewood (Mike) has been in the leather/Kink community for roughly 5 years. He is President of Titans of the Midwest and a member of the Delta Brotherhood, Gay Naturists International (GNI) and Outboard (gay snowboarding group). Mike has taught kink classes at CLAW, GNI, Delta, Leatherwerks, and Kink U. Did you know that the practice of flogging dates back for thousands of years and was sanctioned as proper discipline in the US Navy up until 1850!?

Not yo Momma’s: Three’s Company @ 1pm James Sargent (Sarge)

Chrissy, Janet, and Jack wish they’d had this class. This session of Kink U will focus on defining and outlining Polyamory. Your Facilitator will discuss the importance of alternatives to monogamy, the possibilities that polyamory offers, the assumptions of why only monogamy is acceptable, the pitfalls and rewards of polyamory, and common challenges polyamorists face. We will also talk about the difference in open relationships, Dom/sub, and polyamory.

Instructor Bio – James Sargent (Sarge) has been in the Leather/Kink community for more than a decade, starting his journey in the basement of DC Saloon, in Omaha, Nebraska, James has discovered a range of interests from BDSM play, Daddy/son & Dom/sub play, CBT, Electro-stim, cum control, and chastity to name a few. James flags orange and has few hard limits. James has enjoyed open relationships in many forms over the years and is currently in a Triad with Shane Donegan and Ty Portell. James is the Public Liaison for the Titans of the Midwest, a member of the Pride Center Des Moines, a member of CIPEX, and a member of the Capital Bears.

How to Sex with a Transman @ 2pm with James Tyrcha.

James Tyrcha is a Leatherman, a Kinkster, and a Gay Transmale. “2.5 years ago I began to speak out by bathroom/locker room use debates for transgender and the hoard of trans-bullying and physical attacks, particularly against trans women. I am tired of bigots portraying Transwomen as rapists and pedophiles. I believe that I can make a difference in the world by promoting Transmale masculinity. Acceptance through Visibility! I am a member of the Titans of the Midwest and The Chicago Band of Brothers and I am Mr. Leather 64TEN 2016. And competed in IML 38 2016”

Trans discussion panel @ 4:00pm

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Kink U by Titans of the Midwest