Kink U Columbus, Sept. 24

Kink UCOLUMBUS, Ohio — School is back in session! Its time for another year of classes for Kink U Columbus! This year you will find a new set of 12 classes with experienced teachers to guide you through various topics and answer all questions you have!

Yes, you heard right, 12 classes for free!

What’s the catch? Oh, of course there’s a catch. Once Kink-U is done and we all go home for dinner you will have all of these awesome new skills you want to use. Good news! We’re going to have a play party! Bad news, it’s not free. Good news! It is not expensive. Featuring two bonds-of-steel suspension rigs, massively comfortable spanking benches, massage tables, wrestling mats, bishop’s chair, bunches of crosses and all the teachers from Kink-U will be there too!

This years roster of classes are as follows:
PrEP: A discussion
Introductory Rope Play
Caning and Figging
Male sounding
Body Positivity through stripping
Rough Body Play
Animal Role play
Erotic biting
Rough and Ropey!
Single tail

Our presenters?
Lady Robin
Sir Jim
Master Sandua
Zak R.
Markher & thepennygurl
Meitreya, Pup Dozor, and Pup Joe

Play party is pay to enter to help cover the costs of the event location.


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