Kentucky Power Exchange Group

LOUISVILLE – A new group has fallen upon us that I have started called K.P.E.G. which stands for Kentucky Power Exchange Group.

Although the group is new, the belief and reasoning behind it is not. It’s something that I’ve been entertaining for well over a year. The more I think about it, the closer it moves to the forefront of my mind. ‘K-peg’ is about getting back to basics, getting back to the belief system that led you into this lifestyle in the first place.

It is a group for the new as well as the old to come together and share. Share stories, demonstrations, emotions and a thirst for learning. But it’s all done in a more intimate setting in the privacy of people’s homes. There will be discussions as a whole group, demos for everyone to not only see but try as well and there will be the opportunity for play. I am not trying to create a massive gathering of kinksters; there are wonderful outlets for that. But more so a place for everyone to discover that yes, an old dog can be taught new tricks and yes it is very important to crawl before you walk.

How this all got started:…

A Link to the group:

Kentucky Kinks
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