Kentucky Equality Federation calls for federal action in discrimination case

MANCHESTER, Ky. — The Kentucky Equality Federation is calling on the United States Attorney, Kerry Harvey to review a discrimination case in Manchester, Ky. for prosecution.

The civil rights group alleges that Joshua Melton and James Raymond Feltner, a married couple, were recently unlawfully evicted, assaulted, and sued in Manchester. During the illegal eviction, the landlord stated she “would not rent to faggots.” A representative in the Office of the County Attorney accused them of lying before even taking their assault complaint. After KEF investigated, it was discovered with the county attorney, there is a conflict of interest, as he is also the private attorney of the landlord, Esther Thompson, who is a Manchester city council member.

The KEF said that the Kentucky Department of Law has declined to take action if “local officials declined.”

““For the citizens of Clay County, public corruption is nothing new, though it is unfair that they must endure this apparent never ending cycle,” stated KEF Secretary-General Jordan Palmer. “We will demand the termination or severe remedial action of the accused Manchester Police Officers involved, who knowingly violated Kentucky law, the resignation or removal of the accused City Council Member from office, and an investigation into the ethical practices of the Clay County Attorney.”