Kendall Kelly To Perform in Louisville

Kendal Kelly Clothes

LOUISVILLE – Here’s a brief description and bio from Mr. Kendall Kelly himself: Clothes Get in the Way is a one person multimedia and live presentation. I incorporate video, characterizations, props, monologue, costume, singing and movement to explore sexuality, body image, gender, body history, and spirituality.   Some of the perspectives presented are re-examined by presenting a paradoxical or different perspective to create a challenge for the viewer to re-examine beliefs.

The tone ranges from irreverent & comedic to deep and cerebral. It is preferably in a small environment which lends itself to an intimacy not usually experienced in larger venues. I do not amplify my voice but present it unfiltered by technology which also creates a space or depth with my image and/or voice being presented through media at the same time. I perform mostly naked and invite the audience to remove clothing if they feel comfortable doing so.

The intent of the presentation is to be authentic and explore my own ideas about body and my body history which creates a space for others to accept, examine and share their own beliefs and histories or body stories.

I am best known for my music videos and appearances in many international publications such as OUT, 100%BEEF and Bear Magazine, adult videos and  television programs such as Craig Ferguson, and MTVs Logo Television. I have won a best video shot award for my music video Hip Hop Dyke at the Rochester Gay film festival,  had a number one single on Sirius Out-Q satellite radio and have produced video and performance work with an artists residency.

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