June 20th Gathering @ Dragon’s Lair

QUAD CITIES – The QCK Annual BBQ is here once again. This will be the 3rd one. Time to clean off the deck, fire up the grill and check the wood pile for the fire. Time to gather the group to have good food and great company under the setting sun and the evening stars of night.

I know it is a ways to drive but that is the beauty of it, not much of a chance of running into anyone that you know other than those of us that are already in the Lifestyle. That seems to be one of the worries that I come across being here in the QC. So come out and meet Like minded people that do not judge you.

If all works out there will be a double rope tie of two subs being tied together. Should be fun and interesting.

Please Make sure you contact Me, Lady Dragon, so that I can learn who you are before I hand out the location as this is at My home, just like you would like to know all those that you are letting into your home I am just the same that is why I’m putting this up now.

Please do NOT go to My leaders for the address they will NOT give out this information. For those that have been here before they have the information and I would like a heads up so I have a count of how many people I will have here, need to make sure I have enough burgers and dogs.


Quad Cities Kinks