June 2012 CRASS

Reprinted with permission

So, here’s the deal. You are getting ready for a scene and you find that your four year old has just dumped milk all over your rope drenching all of them. You frantically panic and start going through your rope but alas all you find is one rope that didn’t get drenched! ONE ROPE! What are you going to do with one rope? Plenty!

This month we will be exploring what can be done with one rope from the simple to the extreme. From sensual to severe. From floor work to partial suspensions. Minimum rope to bring would be 1 30′ piece, 1 20′ piece, 1 10′ piece and 1 6′ piece.

As always, we will be meeting back by the suspension frame at LRA at 9:15. Membership is not required, but to attend you must either be guested in or request a guest pass by writing to guest-registry@lra-chicago.org.